How To Choose Your Own Yoga Mat ?

There are four kinds of yoga mats in the international market: rubber mat (natural rubber), flax mat (natural flax + natural rubber), TPE (special environmental protection material), PVC (PVC foam material).

There have been relatively low-priced mats such as NBR (Ding Qing and Cheng Rubber) and EVA, but because the material is not suitable for yoga, it is more suitable for rehabilitation and home use for the elderly.

According to the survey, 63% of yoga practitioners pointed out that “material” is their primary consideration in choosing a mat.

Natural rubber has the characteristics of non-slip and pro-skin. it has a unique advantage for yoga practice. it is often the first choice for senior yoga practitioners (practicing for more than 3 years).

TPE, which is made of special eco-friendly materials, is not as popular as natural rubber, but 72% of yoga instructors are willing to recommend it to beginners, and its excellent non-slip and light weight compared to rubber mats have also won a large number of fans.

PVC is made of foam, which is relatively soft and has a visual sense of security for most beginners, but it does not have an advantage in terms of non-slip and skin affinity.

The thickness of the mat is regarded as a necessary attribute for choosing a yoga mat by 59% of yoga enthusiasts. according to the results of the survey, the statistics are as follows:

Recommended thickness for professional yoga practice: 1.5mm-6mm.

1. Recommended thickness for elementary yoga practice: 6mm.

2. Recommended thickness for Intermediate Yoga practice: 4mm-6mm.

3. Recommended thickness for advanced yoga practice: 1.5mm-4mm.

Yoga mat choice is too thick, easy to practice when the center of gravity is unstable, resulting in sports injury.

Too thin mats will also lead to a lack of sense of security for beginners, but 8% of experienced practitioners said that the 1.5mm pads currently on the market are a must for them, as it makes their yoga “anytime, anywhere” become a reality.A

Post time: Jul-18-2020