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  • Advantages Of Rubber Sheet

    Rubber sheet with high hardness is a sheet product with a certain thickness and large area, which is made of rubber as the main material (which can contain fabric, metal sheet and other reinforced materials) and vulcanized. So what are the advantages of rubber sheet in life? Let’s give you ...
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  • How To Choose Your Own Yoga Mat ?

    There are four kinds of yoga mats in the international market: rubber mat (natural rubber), flax mat (natural flax + natural rubber), TPE (special environmental protection material), PVC (PVC foam material). There have been relatively low-priced mats such as NBR (Ding Qing and Cheng Rubber) and E...
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  • Development Trend Of Conveyor Belt

    In recent years, with the progress of coal mining technology, the development trend of underground belt conveyor in the direction of long distance, large capacity, large inclination angle and high speed is becoming more and more obvious, thus constantly promoting the development of the quality of...
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